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Class 2

Miss Mossie is leading the Home Learning for Class 2. Every child has a full access Seesaw account so they can upload text, pictures, videos and everything else at home. Children will only be able to see their own work, not the work of their classmates. Every child has received a unique log in code. Please sign out of their current Seesaw and click 'Log in as a Student', then either scan the QR code or enter the unique code. This will take them straight to the Class page for Class 2.  There will be a basic daily requirement of English, maths, reading, spellings, TT Rockstars. However, staff will also upload a pack of additional work, alongside a class Chapter of the Day story, Quizizz, Nearpod and other more tailored work.


You have the choice of bedtime stories (or come to both if you wish). There will be one suitable for younger children on Mondays at 6.00pm, and one more suitable for older people on Thursdays at 7.00pm, both with Miss Marsland. All welcome!

Dear Class 2,


This page is for me to post additional fun activities for you to do at home. If you send me photographs of your work, or examples of things that you have done, I will post them here so that you can see what each other is up to. 


Stay safe,


Miss M

Lots of children across the UK are creating pictures of rainbows, the symbol of hope, and placing these in their windows for others to see. Please do this, if you like. Be creative! We all love to see rainbows. Can you also take a photograph of your rainbow, or you with your rainbow, and send the photo to me, so that we can create a rainbow wall on our website for anyone to see. Let's make people smile!
Class 2, in assembly in January, we talked about Holocaust Memorial Day, and I said that I would share a poem with you, and ask you to write your own version. The poem is below. Read the poem, and then have a go at creating your own.

Tommy's sensational artwork

The Blue and Green Ark


The Blue and Green Ark is one of my absolute favourite books. The art work is simply stunning, and the words evoke such images and emotions. The hyperlink is to the author reading his book aloud. It is 9 minutes long.


Usually, we try to read the book each year either in class or assembly. We talk about what the Blue and Green Ark is, and discuss the animals and plants the book mentions. If we have the opportunity, we write our own version. We haven’t had chance this year. So…


Maybe you would like to listen to the poem. If you have a copy of the book, you could read it too, and study the art work (the book is even better than the video for that). Perhaps you could choose a letter or two, and create your own page. Use whatever media you like – in Brian Patten’s book there are many different styles and formats. How about having a go at the whole alphabet? Don’t forget to send me photos of your work.

Book Review


What is your favourite book? Can you write a book review that really, really persuades me to read it?


Why is it so good? Why does it appeal to you? Why might I enjoy it?


I will post all book reviews so that your classmates will have lots of recommendations. Maybe you could include an image from the book, or draw your own front cover?

The Anti-Colouring Book


The Anti-Colouring Book is a book of ideas to stimulate

a picture. Each image can be used as an idea to create a larger picture of whatever size you want. I have gathered several pencil drawing images from the internet in a similar way, to start you off with an idea. See what you can create!


Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Museum Tour


Below are links to some of the world's museums:


Visit the website

Do a virtual tour

Choose an exhibit or a section of the museum

Create a presentation to tell someone about it (use an app that will send via email/dojo and upload onto the website – I can upload video using a private YouTube account. If in doubt, ask Mr T)

Somewhere in Our School Today ...


Somewhere in Our School Today is a line poem describing some of the activities which might be happening around us. Have a go at creating your own poem describing what your family could be doing during lockdown. You could make it funny, or lively, or exciting - it doesn't have to describe what you are actually doing. See what pictures you can create in your mind!

Alphabet Tree Wordsearch

Butterfly Wordfit

Joints in Action

Creepy Crawly Wordfit

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.