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At Morley we believe that everyone has the right to be treated fairly. Children pride themselves on treating others as they would wish to be treated. We ensure that all pupils, parents, staff and visitors are welcomed with a spirit of equality, above the legal requirements.

Our Equalities Statement


Our pupils, staff, parents and governors work together to draw up Our School Motto, Our School Vision and our School Aims.


Discussions include such questions as:


What if you’re not good at…..?

What if you find learning difficult?

What if you’ve got a physical difficulty?

Is our school fair for everyone?


We feel that equal opportunities for all are implicit in these documents and embedded in day to day school practice.


We have identified two explicit areas to be developed


  • Inclusivity and diversity: Develop the quality of including all people and treating them all fairly by:-
    • Ensuring all parents’ and pupils’ needs are met to enable them to participate in all aspects of school life

    • Strengthen links with parents and the wider community

  • Improve Pupil Voice so that all pupils have a say in developing our school community by:-

    • Developing more opportunities for pupils to share their views and opinions

    • Developing the school responsibility posts to enable pupils to be more involved in decision making


How are we going to develop these areas?


  • Look at the school’s links with both immediate and wider communities.
    • whom do we invite into school?

    • whom do we visit?

    • what can we gain from this experience?

  • what can we offer?

  • does our curriculum enable pupils to develop an understanding of the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs?

  • Carefully monitor the progress of our summer born pupils, offering additional support to those who need it.


We are also going to check that all our key policies and documents include explicit information about how we comply with the Equality Act, and support pupils in their development of social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding.

We believe that by doing this each time the policy is reviewed it will help us to focus on what we need to do.


You can read our complete policy here:


We have two places available in Year 3 for September 2021