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Attendance Awards

Attendance Rewards


Attendance is calculated weekly for each class, and a trophy presented in Friday's Celebration Assembly. A chart shows how many times each class has won the trophy each term.


Individual attendance is calculated termly and a letter sent home to parents detailing their child's attendance. Children with over 95% (bronze), 98% (silver) and 100% (gold) are listed on the attendance display. Awards are given to the class with the highest attendance each term, and certificates to children with 100% for the year.

Half Term Attendance Winners


 Half Term 1Half Term 2Half Term 3Half Term 4Half Term 5Half Term 6
Class 195.73%95.33%88.45%96.24%96.28% 
Class 294.20%94.21%89.72%94.63%96.69% 
Class 393.90%94.93%88.17%95.85%96.78% 


We were very badly hit by the covid pandemic in the first half of the Spring term!

This half term's attendance:


 Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
Class 192.86%96.07%      
Class 2100%98.35%      
Class 398.17%98.76%      


This week's attendance winners are: Class 3

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.