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Governing Board

Welcome to our Governors' section. 

Morley School's Governing Board is made up of 7 people.  You can contact our Chair of Governors on email address This email address is not constantly monitored but rest assured your message will be picked up.  If you have anything that needs attending to urgently please contact the Clerk to Governors (Kate Fernie) on 01332 831295.


The Governing Board meets each half term to plan and promote the strategic development of our school. Governors actively seek their own CPD in order to keep themselves up to date with guidance and developments so that they can ensure the best support and challenge for our school.


The Governing Board reviews policies and documentation; ensures the financial compliance and security of the school; holds the Headteacher and staff to account; supports and challenges the strategic management of the school; ensures compliance with government legislation.


We alternate our meetings each term so that one meeting looks mainly at finance, health and safety, and the premises, and the other considers staffing, outcomes, teaching and learning, assessment and pupil issues.


Governors are also linked to our school key improvement areas

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.
Governor name and PositionCategoryAppointed

End of

term of office

Experience for role    Resignations In Past 12 Months Appointed By Attendance

Declaration of Interests

     (Business &                   Pecuniary)              

Mrs Samantha JacksonParent04.10.2103.10.25ParentNoneFull Governing Body100%School Caretaker

Mrs Amanda Fletcher 




Local Authority councillor, teacher


Local Authority



Miss Kate

Marsland (Headteacher)



01/09/07 NA  NoneNA100%Executive Board for Potentia Teaching School Hub; LA Link Advisor; NLE work

Mr Tony Taylor

(Deputy Headteacher)

Teacher20.01.2019.01.24Teacher, English, IT, music, KS2 coordinatorNoneStaff100%

SLE work for Matrix TSA

Wife (Mrs P Taylor) on staff

Mr Jim Campbell


Co-opted20.11.1719.11.21Forensic scientist. Director of The Retreat.NoneFull Governing Body100%School uses The Retreat to house certain events eg Easter event, first aid training.

Mr Stuart McIntyre

(Vice Chair)

 Parent20.01.2019.01.24Photographer, own businessNoneParents100% None
Mrs Christine DoyleCo-opted21.06.2120.06.25 Ex teacher, church memberNoneFull Governing Body80% None
Mrs Eileen SwanCo-opted18.11.1917.11.23 21.06.21   
Miss Tracy McKinleyAssociate21.06.2120.06.25 04.10.21   
Miss Kate Fernie (Clerk to Governors)Clerk  School Business Officer Full Governing Body Employed by school as SBO



All governors can be contacted through the school office.


All governors (except the Headteacher) serve for a period of 4 years. The Headteacher role can only be undertaken by the serving Headteacher, and therefore the term of office is for as long as the postholder remains in post.


All governors positions are ratified by the whole governing body.


Governing Board Meetings


Teaching and Learning focus Resource Management focus

Pupils Curriculum 

    Equal Opportunities 
    ICT in Schools
School Improvement
    Key issues from SIP 
    Government Initiatives
    Ofsted Inspections
Pupil issues 
    Attendance of Pupils
    Child Protection
    Pupils with SEND/Medical Needs
    Home School Agreements
    Pupil Exclusion
    School Meals/Nutritional Standards Curriculum
    Appointing Staff
    Checking Applicants
    Teachers' Pay

     School Capital Funding
    School Finance
    Governor Allowances 
    Charging for School Activities
Health & Safety (designated Gov – Tracey McKinley)
    Health and Safety in Schools
    School Security
    ICT infrastructure
    Extended schools



Performance Management                                    Responsibilities

Christine Doyle

Jim Campbell (Chair)

Headteacher Performance Management

Performance Management monitoring of other staff


Governor links to the School Improvement Plan Key Issues


SIP key issues       
Link governors   Linked member of staff   

Introduce the new progressive reading scheme throughout the school to further support attainment.  Implement the new phonics scheme in EYFS/KS1. Monitor and assess reading and phonics to further support both enjoyment of reading and reading for information

S JacksonAll Teachers 
Review and develop progression documents to ensure all pupils build on their learning.  Ensure all pupils are focussed in learning and making accelerated progress through the curriculum so they are back on track for Summer 2022 assessment cycle S McIntyre

T Taylor

K Marsland


Ensure staff and pupils’ wellbeing is assured through the school year as we continue to adjust through the Covid 19 pandemic.

A FletcherK Marsland 
Monitor the RSE/PSHCE curriculum and ensure it is interweaved through class themesS JacksonP Taylor 
Ensure Governors are more informed on school improvement matters by developing their monitoring/link rolesJ Campbell

K Marsland

K Fernie

Finance and BudgetingJ CampbellK Fernie 

Ensure reviewed curriculum is embedded in all classes with ArtsMark opportunities throughout year and updated progression and assessments in place.

C Doyle

T Fenlon

Ensure all pupils have access to the best of the wider curriculumS McIntyreT Taylor 
Health & Safety and Buildings J CampbellK Fernie 
Pupil PremiumA FletcherK Marsland 
SEN C DoyleP Taylor  
EYFS S Jackson

P Taylor

RSEC DoyleP Taylor 
Safeguarding (including Anti-bullying and Looked After Children)A Fletcher

K Marsland

K Fernie



We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.