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Each year we send a questionnaire, based on the Ofsted model, to our parents, pupils and staff. The responses are collated and help to support school improvement planning.


Thank you for your response to our latest questionnaire. The staff are overwhelmed by your comments and your clear appreciation for everything they do. We have had some very positive questionnaires in the past, but this one is the best so far!  Thank you. Our sole aim is to get things right for the children so that they are safe, happy, and learning. If you are satisfied that we are achieving this, and the children are too (their questionnaire was also very positive), then we are succeeding in our aim.


We will, though, continue to work with you to improve things for our children. Thank you for your comments and suggestions for our consideration. A more detailed response is given in the attached letter.

Strongly Agree Agree Disagree
1 My child is happy at this school 74% 26%  
2 My child feels safe at this school 74% 26%  
3 My child makes good progress at this school 82% 18%  
4  My child is well looked after at this school 74% 23.5%     2.5%
5 My child is taught well at this school 85% 15%  
6 My child receives appropriate homework for their age  61.5% 38% 2.5%
7 This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved  56.5% 33% 7.5%
8 The school deals effectively with bullying 44% 54% 2.5%
9 This school is well led and managed 77% 23%  
10 This school responds well to any concerns I raise                                61.5% 38.5%  
11 I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress 64% 36%  
12 I would recommend this school to another parent 72% 28%  
  Additional comments

Amazing progress

Excellent support and teaching

Couldn’t be happier

Feel lucky our child can attend such an excellent school

Wish you could sort the parking outside school

Some communications ambiguous and at short notice

School needs to clarify bullying to pupils and parents

Excellent school

Happy motivated children

Worry about road safety

More focus on awareness and prevention of bullying

Bullying needs to be addressed earlier and all parents informed



We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.