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Be the Light in the Darkness 2021

Holocaust Memorial Day


This year’s theme is Be the Light in the Darkness.

In these difficult times, perhaps it is appropriate to think about how we can be that light that will help others to look forward to better times, and help those in need in the present.


Here are some thoughts for you:



  • Create an image of a light, any light, that guides us through the darkness. This could be a drawing, painting, a photograph that you take of something you have set up, a video clip – anything you like

  • Think of 5 things you could do that will help others to look forward, for example, can you call an elderly neighbor and talk to them; can you help at home with chores and keep your things tidy; can you smile at everyone at home and try not to be grumpy; can you design a card that you can send to someone to cheer them up.

  • Write a poem or message of hope

  • Find out more about Holocaust Memorial Day and create a poster or presentation 

  • Watch the ceremony on Wednesday evening Holocaust Memorial Day Trust | UK Holocaust Memorial Day: 2021 Ceremony ( and create something that says how you felt

  • Join the commemoration by placing a candle in your window on Wednesday evening and take a photograph of it

  • Be original and creative, and come up with your own idea


There are more examples of things you could do, such as making a memorial flame, on the HMD website Holocaust Memorial Day Trust | Primary Schools (

Lily and Ella made this beautiful candle cake to show the light. The girls lost their great grandparents in Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust. 


We remember them, and all who were lost.

Our lighted candles

Ideas of how we can be the light:


Five things I will do to help others


1.Call my great grandad every evening to make sure he is ok because he lives alone with his cat poppy.

2.Bake cakes for my elderly neighbours.

3.Call my friend Jacob so we can keep in touch.

4.Spend time with my family playing games to cheer ourselves up.

5.Send pictures of myself smiling to all of my family I don’t live with.



5 things to help others


1 - I could make my great grandma a cake

2 - I could help my mum to clean

3 - I could give people food that need food

4 - I could smile at people when I walk past them

5 - I could tell my family I love them


Examples of our learning at home