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SMSC and British Values

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SMSC and British Values at Morley School

(Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural understanding)

At Morley we believe in building a community of confident, responsible, caring, compassionate, respectful and highly motivated children who will grow up into strong and active members of society who are able to take their place in the world and go on to great and exciting things.


Our school curriculum is planned to support this, and enriched with a wealth of opportunities for pupils to learn and play together, to take part in a wide variety of cultural activities, and to mix with people of other ages, cultures and faiths in order to develop understanding and interest in the world.


We aim to give our children the very best.


At Morley, SMSC is sometimes taught discretely, and sometimes through other subjects. It is interwoven with the drive to promote positive relationships with all people, to ensure that extremism and radicalization is addressed early. Each year we take part in a range of activities such as Divali, Holocaust Memorial Day, Chinese New Year and Remembrance Day to develop the children's appreciation of other peoples and faiths. A Citizenship Award is also presented to pupils who earn points for engaging with appropriate activities sustained over a period of time.


Below are examples and evidence of work in school to promote Citizenship, SMSC and British Values.

Councillor Carol Hart came to take part in our triathlon - so we asked her to stay and discuss the General Election with us. Then we had our great triathlon picnic indoors as it was raining.
Ada, Aoife and Olivia laid our wreath at the Remembrance Day Service. For this 100th commemoration, children in Y6 wrote poems and thoughts about those who fought, and those who lost their lives from our village or their own families, which were then displayed around Morley.

Isabella spent her Sunday visiting a care home in Kidderminster to sing Christmas carols and songs to the elderly residents. She sang unaccompanied, singing to some of the residents in their rooms, if they were too frail to join the gathering. Isabella says, 'I sang at the old people's home because I enjoy singing a lot. I also sang at the home because I loved putting a smile on their faces because that's what counts the most. Some people could not speak or get out of bed so I went to their rooms and sang songs I'd never heard of to see the joy in their face. This was a great experience.' I'm sure everyone enjoyed your singing, and the occasion, Isabella. Thank you.


Classes 2 and 3 worked with Miss Marsland to create a Bucket List of the experiences they thought all children ought to have during their time at our school.  Every child will be given a copy of the list to take home so that they can make sure we are giving them the experiences they wish to have.

Things you should do while at Morley (Our school Bucket List)

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.