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PE and Sport Premium

Morley Primary is a very active school. Although we are a small school, we do like to get involved in things. We take part in a variety of sports events, such as the annual Derby Ramathon, the Brownlee Triathlon for schools, and the Daily Mile. Our Sports Captain ensures that playtimes are active and fun, and our teams enjoy a wide range of competitions, festivals and events. Below are links to some of our activities.
Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

2016 onwards


Due to the success of the work with AVSSP, Morley staff wanted to be more involved with the teaching of PE.  We are still affiliated to AVSSP, but only buy into this scheme for competitions, and for specialist coaching when we hire the local sports centre each Spring term.


We also work with Derby County and Premier Sports to deliver additional sports coaching and after school clubs.


All pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 attend weekly swimming lessons. All children meet the governments' minimum requirement for swimming ability by the end of Year 5, being able to swim competently for 25 metres, use a range of strokes, and perform self rescue, and almost all children are very confident swimmers. We have several pupils who swim for local clubs. We take part every year in the local schools' swimming gala with much success.


Looking forwards we will continue to review participation and attainment each year, and plan to use our funding to meet need, whether that is in specialist coaching, CPD for staff, use of facilities or competition affiliation. Morley School has a long and proud history of sporting success and we intend this to continue.

Golf at Morley Hayes

                School Sport and PE Provision working with

                Amber Valley School Sports Partnership




Sports Development


A wide group of schools belong to the AVSSP, who employ a sports manager and coaching staff to operate the programme. Each school uses its funding to buy specialist coaching in a cycle of sporting activities. The coaching provides continuing professional development for staff, and improved levels of participation and skill for the pupils. The programme also incorporates a wide variety of after school clubs and competitions which are available to all pupils.


The programme is financed through Primary Schools PE and sport funding and successful Awards for All grant bids

Each School has a named Sports Co-ordinator and PE link teacher

 AVSSP employs the services of specialist coaches who provide high quality coaching in a range of sports such as Gymnastics, Athletics, Dance, etc.

Every element of the programme is supported by student volunteer leaders who gain confidence as they progress through the programme. Students can join the programme in year 2 and progress until year 13, being monitored and rewarded on a regular basis

Outcomes Of the Partnership


  • Individual schools receive 8hrs per week of specialist coach support including lunch time, curriculum and after school delivery.  
  • Curriculum delivery acts as teacher development for PE. PE link teachers and coaches work together to plan the delivery of the sports provision.  
  • Additional PE development opportunities are offered to teachers in the form of training days. 
  • A competition focused programme is offered to prepare children for the 21 sports competitions held throughout the year.
  • Community activities are provided in the form of satellite clubs for all primary school children in KS1 and KS2 on a weekly basis.
  • Community sports and holiday activities are offered through the programme.
  • All places are offered free to children receiving free school meals.

Bikeability and other activities


All schools are affiliated to Amber Valley School Sports partnership and access all provision offered by them, such as Bikeability sessions.  This can be found at:

10 years of active School Sport Development


Morley Primary School was awarded a plaque to recognise their 10 years of active participation in School Sport Development. The plaque celebrates the competitions, work with coaches, support for teachers and encouragement for pupils in taking part in a wide and rich programme of school sport every year.


Morley Primary receives a grant of around £8300 sports funding. Until September 2016 this was used to buy into the Opengate sports development scheme, which is now part of Amber Valley School Sports Partnership (AVSSP).

We have one place available in either Reception or Year 1 for January 2022