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UK Parliament Week

UK Parliament Week




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UK Parliament Week 2021

Children's Parliament 2021 | #COP26

We are very proud that Zac in Year 6 was selected to be the Children's MP for Mid Derbyshire. Zac represented us in the first Children's Parliament debate which took place in October.

UK Parliament Week 2021

Pauline Latham October 2021 2 UK Parliament Week

Our MP, Pauline Latham, sent this video to introduce Parliament Week.

We started our week by holding an assembly to discuss the work we would do.

We talked about the skills and knowledge that participating in UK Parliament Week develops:


How to behave

The world around us

What to do to improve the world



Behaving honourably




New skills

Preparation for a good adult life



Learning for life

We found out that Derbyshire has an active presence in climate change issues.

Class 1 Life Skills - Who's Who in Parliament quiz

Our School Community Wall

UK Parliament Week 2020

This year, some of our normal activities were curtailed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Class 3 linked their learning to Parliament Week, and produced, amongst other things, some silhouette work on the Houses of Parliament and fireworks.

UK Parliament Week 2018

Classes 2 and 3 took part in UK Parliament Week with Miss Marsland. On this page, we would like to showcase some of our learning, and the work we produced.

100 Year's of Women's Suffrage


Class 3 learned about Women's Suffrage as this year is 100 years since women got the right to vote (although they had to wait until they were 30 years old, unlike the men). We learned about the struggle women had to have the right to vote. We then gave an assembly to the rest of school to show what we had learned. Here are our movies about Women's Right to Vote.

Suffragettes - Amelia, Megan and

Still image for this video

Suffragettes - Marilena and

Still image for this video

Women's rights - Ciaran, Alfie and

Still image for this video

Class 3 Environmental Campaign


Class 3's theme this term has been 'Looking After Our World'. As part of their work, they ran a campaign to persuade us to only use biodegradable glitter in school. Here is some of their work.


Pupil Voice

Class 3 also looked at how we use our Pupil Voice. We thought about all the different ways in which our thoughts, opinions and views are shared in school, and about how we could develop this. We also took the opportunity to say some of the things we could add to our school to make it even better. Here are our presentations.

Marilena, Aoife, Chloe and Olivia

Still image for this video

Megan and Izzie

Still image for this video

Lola, Isla, Lily, Bella and Natalia

Still image for this video



Class 2 in Parliament

Class 2 looked at the work of Parliament, how Parliament is made, the difference between Parliament and Government, and the roles of some of the people who work there. We then created presentations on what we had found out.

William, Zac, Thomas and Hubert

Still image for this video
Class 2 also learned about how we vote, how elections are held, and the purpose of debate. They then took on the roles of some of the Members of Parliament, and held a debate on the subject of 'This House believes that the times of the school day should be changed'.
Finally, we relaunched our school Citizenship Award, which all pupils can achieve by taking part in activities, both in and out of school, which show how they are learning about how important it is that we all work together in society.