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School Ethos and Values

‘This is an outstanding school. Pupils make outstanding progress and they engage in memorable learning experiences. In lessons the atmosphere is electric.’ OfSTED 2012

Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. Staff make learning come alive and plan exciting lessons which are rigorously planned to meet the needs of all. Technology is used seamlessly across the curriculum and pupils have a say in what they learn. Staff learn from each other and stop at nothing to continually challenge themselves. Children are eager to come to school and run into school laughing and chatting each morning. Relationships are based on mutual respect and fun. 'Pupils are confident, polite, caring and look after one another well.' Ofsted 2012. Children and staff live by the creed of treating others as we would wish to be treated. Exemplary behaviour, good manners and respect for all are key to ensuring that the school is a safe and happy place.


Our motto, vision and aims were written by the pupils and are reviewed each year. They reflect the children's belief in themselves and their willingness to help each other to succeed. The children decided to have a school motto when we had our new logo designed.  They chose this wording because they said they could do anything they wanted to at Morley, and the teachers would help them to succeed.  We believe in ourselves and each other. Nothing stops us from trying to do the best that we can.


Our school motto


The Morley Feeling where anything can be achieved.


Our School Vision


Morley pupils want their school to be the best school ever. With adults and children working together, caring for each other, having fun and taking pride in all we do, we aim to bring out everyone’s skills and be the best that we can be.


Our School Aims


To have the highest standards of good manners, honesty and achievement

To set a good example by behaving well all the time and working hard

To think about others and appreciate everyone as an individual

To be responsible for ourselves, our work, our school and each other

To be good team players and show sportsmanship

To be an individual: to be creative, imaginative, enquiring and to think

To share ideas and have confidence in ourselves

To have a sense of humour, to be adventurous and to have fun!

To be outstanding – to stand out from the crowd!

To be proud of our work: to believe and achieve