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House points and attendance awards

House Points

Our school is divided into 4 Houses: Vikings, Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. The Houses were chosen following a naming competition. Brothers and sisters are placed in the same House when they join our school. Each week the children's Dojo points are collected to see which House has won. A House Trophy is then presented to the House Captain in Friday's Celebration Assembly, and the House colours changed. House colours are:


Vikings  red yellow                   Dragon logo   Viking House's dragon logo

Romans purple white                                                     Eagle logo        Roman House's eagle logo

Egyptians blue gold           Cat goddess logo   Egyptian House's cat logo

Greeks yellow black                                          Winged horse logo        Greek House's winged horse logo

For special occasions - sports day, Christmas craft day, marble jar treats, Comic Relief - the children work in their houses so that siblings can be together and older children can support younger ones. This develops different friendships and social skills, and is a time to which the children look forward.  It also means parents only have to cheer for one House on Sports Day!

House Captains 2019-20


Vikings - Amelia

Romans - Ella

Egyptians - Imogen

Greeks - Paddy

Individual points are collected weekly with the class leader for the week recognised in assembly and on Class Dojo. Children achieving multiples of 100 points receive a star badge to wear on their uniform.


Red       (100 points)

Orange (200 points)

Yellow  (300 points)

Green   (400 points)

Violet                    (500 points)

The Morley Blue  (600 points)

The Diamond Star (700 points)


Our 5-plus stars


The Violet and the Morley Blue stars are given to pupils reaching 500, and 600 team points. Diamond Stars go to those who reach 700 points. 




Violet stars for 2016-17: Freya, Hattie, Kitija, Hannah, Amelia, Dominic, Ciaran, Ted, Lola, Ni-La, Lily, Isla J, Daisy


Violet stars for 2017-18: Molly, Holly, Olivia G, Trinity, Leo, Ted, Ella, Isla, Tommy, Lily J, Zac, Ni-La, Archie, Harriet G, Isabella H, Imogen I, Thomas C, George W, Alex, Harriet F, Millie, Natalia, Paddy, William, Aniya, Daisy H, Hubert, Madeleine, Tommy, Ava


Violet stars for 2018-19: Zac, Noah, Hubert, Olivia F, Thomas, Ginny, Amelia, Izzie, Jessica R-L, Holly, Leo, Vincent, Imogen S, Anna, Chloe E, Ted, Ava-Mai, Archie, Jacob, Ava, George R, Julia, Max, Aoife, Megan, Ada, Alex, Harriet, Charlie W, Jack F, Lily W, Isabelle, William, Daisy H, Trinity, Jaya, Jessica K, Franky




The Morley Blue 2016-17: Hannah, Hattie, Kitija, Freya, Daisy


The Morley Blue 2017-18: Molly, Ella, Zac, Holly, Ted, Lily J, Isla, Trinity


The Morley Blue 2018-19: Hubert, Zac, Noah, Ginny, Anna, Olivia F, Archie, Ava, Julia, Thomas, Alex, Harriet, Charlie W, Isabelle, Jessica K




Our Diamond Star 2017-18 goes to Ella and Molly

Picture 1
Picture 2
Our Diamond Star 2018-19 goes to Zac, Noah, Olivia F, Isabelle, and Hubert
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Our Morley Blue winners 2016-17


Our Morley Blue winners 2017-18



Our Morley Blue winners 2018-19
Picture 1

The Marble Jar


The marble jar rewards whole school achievement such as excellent behaviour in class, everyone working really hard, good behaviour on school visits etc. It has to be the whole class or school achieving. Marbles are added each week, and when the jar is full, the children have earned a whole school treat. These have included a circus day, learning French skipping with a specialist coach, a visit from the owl man (complete with a host of owls), ice creams for everyone, an artist for a day, a picnic out of school. Children are asked for their hopes each time we fill the jar, so please let us know if you are aware of something they would like to do.

Attendance rewards


Attendance is also calculated weekly for each class, and a trophy presented in Friday's celebration Assembly. A chart shows how many times each class has won the trophy each term.


Individual attendance is calculated termly and a letter sent home to parents detailing their child's attendance. Children with 100% attendance have their name displayed on our attendance display, and those with over 95% (bronze), 98% (silver) and 100% (gold) are listed on their class attendance charts.

Half Term Attendance Winners
  Half term 1 Half Term 2 Half Term 3 Half Term 4 Half Term 5 Half Term 6
Class 1            
Class 2            
Class 3            


This week's attendance award winners are: Class

Annual Attendance winners

Winning Class 2016-17: Class 1                       Winning Year Group 2016-17: Year 4

Winning Class 2017-18: Class 2                       Winning Year Group 2017-18: Year 2

Winning Class 2018-19: Class 2                       Winning Year Group 2018-19: Year 3

Autumn Term Attendance


Attendance was our highest ever during the Autumn of 2016, and very similar in 2017. Very well done to everyone. 30 pupils (37.5%) had 100% attendance in 2016, and 36 pupils (44%) in 2017, with a further 21 pupils (26.25%) beating our target of 97.5% attendance in 2016 and 13 pupils (17%) in 2017. Class 2 were overall winners for the Autumn term in 2016, and Class 1 in 2017, although it was very close. A huge well done to Year 2 (2017) where almost all pupils had 100% attendance in the Autumn term!


    2016     2017  
  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Reception 96.35     97.24    
Year 1 98.48     97.25    
Year 2 98.47 98.41   99.56 99.44  
Year 3   97.58     96.46  
Year 4   98.09     96.56  
Year 5     97.01     97.3
Year 6     98.21     95.48
Overall % 97.67 98.02 97.61 97.84 97.09 96.39


Final Attendance scores 2016-17


Attendance target 2016-17: 97.5%


Reception: 95.8%

Year 1:       97.33%

Year 2:       97.16%

Year 3:       97.09%

Year 4:       97.79%

Year 5:       96.33%

Year 6:       97.56%


Winning Year Group: Year 4


Class 1: 97.02%

Class 2: 96.97%

Class 3: 96.95%


Winning class: Class 1

13 pupils attained 100% attendance over the year, with a further 32 beating our target of 97.5% attendance.


Two of our Year 6 pupils - Freya and Nellie - scored an amazing 100% attendance for every one of their 7 years at primary school. a huge congratulations to them.

Open Day - Thursday 10th October 2019 10.30am - 7.00pm. We welcome prospective parents, children, and our school neighbours. Come and see what life is like in our school.