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We wanted to go to Australia

And we did!

We wanted to go to Australia!

Mrs Rhodes created this video to celebrate our achievement in reaching our goal. Well done to everyone, and especially to Mrs Rhodes herself, who organised and ran the whole event.

Press release June 2017 following the celebration event:


Pauline Latham OBE, MP for Mid Derbyshire, congratulated the pupils of Morley Primary School this month after they completed an astonishing 9000 mile journey – the distance from Morley Primary School in Derbyshire to its sister establishment, Morley Primary School in Australia – in just three weeks by running, swimming, and cycling. Pupils took part in the sponsored triathlon alongside staff, parents, and friends.


The school ran a number of events to help reach the required distance, including a whole school cycle, junior rollers event, and Children’s Ramathon Derby on Sunday 4th June. There was also a well-deserved party at the end to celebrate everyone’s hard work.


Pauline said: ‘I was delighted to meet some of the children and staff poolside as they racked up the necessary mileage for their incredible journey. I think the project was a hugely exciting one, which will not only be worthwhile but will also help keep children fit. The people who took part should be extremely proud of their great achievement, and I would like to thank the school for having me and congratulate all those involved. The school put in a huge amount of effort and it really paid dividends with a fantastic project; I hope everyone enjoyed their trip down under’!

Thoughts on the Triathlon by Niyon and George




'Splash, thump, thump, thump, ding, swim, run, run, cycle... these are the experiences of the Giant Morley triathlon! 'The what,' said a voice. The Giant Morley triathlon, 9000 miles of constant sports. We've finished it, and reached Australia. Guess what. To celebrate we finished with a fun pool time as well as a GMT party. The whole reason was to reach our sister school in Australia ... we finished. This was all run by our Bursar, Mrs Rhodes, and the staff.  What about the countries? Oh right...


We had a prolonged journey to Australia, but some fantastic sights were involved. We had to cross: Germany, Romania, the land of Count Dracula; we swam the Indian Ocean and the English Channel (Miss Marsland did that by herself). The triathlon was amazing. Now it's time for our next audacious event.




Impossible ... Shocked ... A triathlon to Australia. Our triathlon to Australia. Morley Primary School in the UK had to walk, run and swim to reach their destination, Morley Primary School in Australia. We thought it was impossible. It always seems impossible until it's done. We were motivated to do it because we thought nothing is impossible. We also had a lot of help including Derby County Football Club and more. We reached Holland on the first day and Belgium the second. We continued our streak and by the 17th June 2017 'the impossible' was accomplished. We crossed several well known countries like: Austria, India, Iraq, Syria and a few more. The one thing that was crucial was never give up. We all cheered each other on and we never gave up. There was party and celebrations for us completing this gigantic triathlon.


With a lot of help from communities and places, we also did events out of school, like the swimming gala, duathlon, running with semi-professional runners. This made our miles go even higher and helped us get to Australia more efficiently and quicker. We got to Morley primary School, Western Australia while doing the swimming gala on 17th June 2017. 

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.