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This year's House Point totals so far

House Points 17-18          House Points 18-19           House Points 19-20             House Points 20-21


Vikings: 8357                       Vikings: 10729                      Vikings: 10090                       Vikings: 9374

Romans: 9348                     Romans: 9125                      Romans: 8281                       Romans: 8915

Egyptians: 9992                   Egyptians: 10029                 Egyptians: 9297                    Egyptians: 9800

Greeks: 9980                        Greeks: 9644                        Greeks: 9027                         Greeks: 9724


Winner of the House Trophy 2020-21: EGYPTIANS

Well done, all of you.  Who will it be next year?

Well done, Egyptian House!


    Vikings          Romans        Egyptians         Greeks    
Weekly Total321233246286
Running Total98218715864510243


This week's winning House is: Vikings


Current leading House is: Greeks

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.