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Quidditich is described as 'a team sport played while straddling broomsticks, in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through any of three hoops fixed at either end of the pitch'. Quidditch could be explained as a cross between basketball, dodgeball, tag rugby, and football. With broomsticks. 


At primary school level, broomsticks are not generally used for safety.



On Thursdays, after school, our oldest pupils take to the school playground to play Quidditch. 

3rd December 2020 - the day it rained - the day before it snowed!

Our Quidditch teams are:


    Black Wolves     Golden Phoenixes      Silver Eagles    

Isla (Beater)


  Mignon (Seeker)

Vice Captain  

Flynn (Keeper)


Aniya (Seeker)

Vice Captain

Tom (Chaser)


William (Seeker)

Vice Captain

Oliver (Keeper)

Madeleine (Chaser)

Jessica (Chaser)

Ni-La (Chaser)

Zac (Beater)

Ozzy (Chaser)

Bobby (Chaser)

Noah (Chaser)

Daisy (Chaser)

Hubert (Beater)

George W (Beater)

Finley S (Keeper)

Daisy H (Chaser)

Michael (Chaser)

George J (Beater)

Holly (Beater)

Our Quidditch Captains this year are Isla, Flynn and Thomas

Vice Captains are Mignon, Aniya and William

Morley Quidditch League Table


  Won Drawn Lost Points



Wolves 1 1 3 210 3 3
Phoenixes 1 1 2 250 3 2
Eagles 4   1 520 8 1


A goal is worth 10 points; catching the Golden Snitch ends the game, and gains you 30 points

2 league points for a win, 1 for a draw

Upcoming matches:


Thursday 22nd April: Wolves v Phoenix


Thursday 29th April: Phoenix v Eagles


Wednesday 5th May: Eagles v Wolves


Thursday 13th May: Wolves v Phoenix


Thursday 20th May: Phoenix v Eagles


Wednesday 26th May: Eagles v Wolves

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