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This week's dojo winners - the final one of the year!

Well what a way to end the year!


The final dojos have been allocated, added and checked.  The scores are HUGE. However this week, the winning house, with 621 points is Greeks. Well done, Greeks.


This means that overall, with 12232 dojo points, this year the House Cup goes to GREEK House. Brilliant work, Greeks. You have kept the momentum all year, and thoroughly deserve the win.


Individual winners this week are Bobby, Ni'la, Madeleine, Jessica K, Julia, Isabella, Finley, Casey and Daisy DC. All that tidying of the library paid off. Well done, all of you. Some great work this week.


The final quidditch match results were kept secret, but final totals of the year were:

Silver Eagles 9

Golden Phoenix 20

Black Wolves 25


So congratulations to this year's champions, the BLACK WOLVES!


As this is my final celebration assembly with you all, there are several people to earn a Headteacher's Award. I'm afraid we have run out of weeks. Congratulations, well done, and thank you for all your hard work to:


Trinity, Sammy, Julia, Jack J, Chloe, Teddy, Isabel, Daisy DC, Arabella, Daisy H, Zac.


Each one of you has worked really hard all year, and your reports (out today) reflect the amazing progress you have made. I wish you all the best.


To each and every one of you, thank you for the most wonderful 15 years as your Headteacher. I will miss you all. I hope that you carry on with your brilliant attitudes and effort; that you dream big and aim high. I know you will achieve your dreams. Good luck.


Miss M