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This week's Dojo Winners

Romans are not only this week's House Team, but as they have gone over 4000 points, they earn themselves a no-uniform day on Monday. Well done, Romans.


Our individual winners this week are Ava, Julia, Alexander and Eva - all from Roman House! No wonder they won.


Stars of the week are Noah, Isabella and Hattie. Great work from all of you.


Tommy has his red star this week, with Daisy RL, Isabella, Chloe, Abigail, Heidi, Carmella, Nicole, Ava, Jessica J, Eva, George W, Harriet, Suri, Jaya, Nathanael, Jack J, Casey and Daisy DC all gaining their orange. Well done to you all.


Attendance is very low this week with so many people poorly. Class 3 take the trophy with 79%, with Classes 2 and 1 on 77% and 70%. We look forward to better times. This is not what we are used to.


Man of the match this week is Ginny. Ginny is beginning to play strategically, and is whizzy fast, scoring some sneaky goals. Well done.


Headteacher's award goes to Ni'La (also a Roman!) who is unfailingly helpful and kind. Ni'La never has a bad word to say, and puts great effort into everything she does. Thank you, Ni'La.

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.