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Morley to Morley - a Gigantic Triathlon!

We have launched!

Launchday images 15th May 2017

This Summer Morley pupils (and parents, staff, governors, friends, ex-pupils, local sportsmen, local celebrities and dignitaries) will be holding a Gigantic Triathlon. We will be running, swimming and cycling all the way to another Morley - in Perth, Australia - all without leaving Derbyshire!


Every child and staff member will receive a special passport style activity log and sponsor form to collect as many sponsors as they can. They will then have a target of 25 miles a week to cover by running, swimming and cycling. Parents and friends will help to cover the miles needed. Between us, we have 4 weeks to race the 9000 miles to Morley, Perth.


We will 'fly over' 18 different countries on our journey. Each day in assembly we will calculate how many miles we have travelled so far. We will drop down from Google Earth and see which country we are in, where the nearest town or village is, and if there is a local school. We may email some of them to say hello. Our individual miles will be added to the leaderboard. Around school there will be our route, so we can follow our progress.


Below are some of the special events that will take place.

The Launch - Monday 15th May. Static bikes arrive in school for all to accumulate the miles. There may be excitements on the day. The bikes will be here for the whole 4 weeks.


The Run

Derby Junior Ramathon - Sunday 4th June. The whole school is taking part in the 2 mile run. Morley School will have their own tent in the Athletes' Village. We are hoping for other support/promotional/celebratory items, but that will have to be a wait and see...


The Cycling

Shipley Park Cycle Ride - Tuesday 6th June. The whole school will be in Shipley Park for a cycle ride (balance bikes for the youngest) around the park.


The Swim

William Gregg Leisure Centre - Saturday 17th June. Mrs Rhodes has secured both pools, and a party room, for the evening. Both pools will be available from 4.00-5.00pm for our school (and friends) only. Non swimmers can clock up the miles in the small pool with arm bands, floats and adult support. The rest of us are on lengths in the main pool.


The Celebration!

After swim party and presentations in the dance studio at the Leisure Centre.

So far, we have a number of local firms and businesses who have offered support, including prizes, raffle prizes, promotional ideas, advertising and 'other things'. I'm not going to spoil later surprises. The events are open to all: pupils, parents, families, staff, friends (we are hoping for local 'celebrities' and those from further afield too). The aim is for us to work together to enable every child, and member of staff, to cover 25 miles a week.


What we hope you will do


Support your child in collecting sponsors (only from people they know, please - no door knocking)

Enable your child to take part in the run and swim

Make sure your child has their PE kit in school every day

Buy lots of raffle tickets (and sell them to your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues)

Take part yourselves

Add up any miles you do outside the scheduled events - every mile counts!

Make sure your child's log book comes back to school each day so we can total up

Mr Taylor is doing run training for any pupils who wish at the Long Eaton Junior Parkrun each Sunday.
As part of the project, we have an end location in sight - Morley, Perth, Australia. We have a sister Morley Primary School in Australia, which we are aiming to 'reach'. The students at MPSAU will be cheering us on as we go. Contact has been made, and we have linked the 2 schools (we are MPSUK) as part of the work. Further details will follow here as well.
I hope you agree that this is a fabulously exciting project with a huge amount of potential. A huge thank you to Mrs Rhodes for the initial idea, and for all the work so far, and to all the staff for their enthusiasm and support in making this work. I know the children will be ready to get going, and I hope that you will too.
We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.