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Morley Primary, Australia

We are delighted to be working together with our sister school in Morley, Perth, Australia. We hope that this is the start of something new and exciting and that twinning the two schools will enable the children to form new friendships across the globe, and maybe, if you visit Australia ...


MPSAU have created a secure YouTube channel for the children to upload recordings so that they can tell each other about themselves, and compare their schools, and we are looking into school based text and email for communicating. The time difference makes Skype impractical.


Both schools have placed links to the other on their websites, and MPSAU have created a page to enable their children to cheer ours on. It is all very exciting.


So, from MPSUK, can we congratulate the cricket teams from MPSAU who both won championship trophies at an all day carnival on Friday.  Very well done!

Morley calling Morley!


Hello, Australia!


Well, we have set off.  Rammie, mascot of our local football team Derby County, came into school yesterday to launch the triathlon. We had other visitors too - Mary and Anna from Heanor Clarion who got the bike racing started, and local British triathlete, Ben Rhodes, who just happens to be Mrs Rhodes' son. We all wore our special triathlon t-shirts, and had the British and Australian flags flying. We have borrowed a Wattbike and other great bikes on rollers so we can add up the miles in school. We've all got passports to log our progress too.  So far, we have done 98.25 miles (that's just over 158k).  We haven't actually reached the coast of England yet, but we are on our way.  Judging by the queue for the bikes outside the library door this lunchtime, Miss Marsland thinks we've probably got there and back already!


More photos on the main triathlon page.


We had a visitor this morning - did you send him, or has he got lost? We don't think he'd manage a bike, or the swimming, but he could bounce his way along. He says he's bringing a friend next time.


Now we are launched, we are going to get on with our filming for you. The whole school is going to do a project on Australia so we know more about where you live.


We will be in touch.


Love from, MorleyUK

Day 2 - we are in Saarbrucken in Germany 328 miles, 528k

Mrs Box made a surprise visit all the way from Morley, Australia!

Class 3 sing 'You'll Never Have a Friend Like Me' from Aladdin for Mrs Box.

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.