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Morley Blue winners

Our Morley Blue winners 2016-17



The Morley Blue 2016-17: Hannah, Hattie, Kitija, Freya, Daisy

Our Morley Blue winners 2017-18




The Morley Blue 2017-18: Molly, Ella, Zac, Holly, Ted, Lily J, Isla, Trinity

Our Morley Blue winners 2018-19



The Morley Blue 2018-19: Hubert, Zac, Noah, Ginny, Anna, Olivia F, Archie, Ava, Julia, Thomas, Alex, Harriet, Charlie W, Isabelle, Jessica K

Our Morley Blue Winners 2019-20




The Morley Blue 2019-20: Isabella, Julia, Amelia, Isla, Izzie, Ginny

Don't forget to upload your images for the photo competition, Sugar Rush Challenge, Lego Challenge, Daffodil origami and art, Wellbeing activities and Holocaust work. Join us for Bedtime Stories and Pet Shows on zoom.