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Morley Blue winners

Our Morley Blue winners 2016-17



The Morley Blue 2016-17: Hannah, Hattie, Kitija, Freya, Daisy

Our Morley Blue winners 2017-18




The Morley Blue 2017-18: Molly, Ella, Zac, Holly, Ted, Lily J, Isla, Trinity

Our Morley Blue winners 2018-19



The Morley Blue 2018-19: Hubert, Zac, Noah, Ginny, Anna, Olivia F, Archie, Ava, Julia, Thomas, Alex, Harriet, Charlie W, Isabelle, Jessica K

Our Morley Blue Winners 2019-20




The Morley Blue 2019-20: Isabella, Julia, Amelia, Isla, Izzie, Ginny

Our Morley Blue winners 2020-21



The Morley Blue 2020-21: Lily J, Aniya, Daisy H, Isla, Zac

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.