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Miss M's Reading Challenge

Welcome to our Reading Challenge for 2018.  This year's Challenge is developed from an article by Emma Godley 'Hooked to Books'. Below is the Reading Challenge document, and the presentation to start it off.


On this page I will post examples of your responses, and the activities you do. Please email these in to me on and I will add them in.


I look forward to seeing what you get up to!


Good luck, and have fun.


Miss M



And the answer, for those of you who have got this far, was the Ladybird version of Cinderella.

I was 4, and I was lying in front of the fire in our living room.




Now - what was the question?

Our Winners


Congratulations to Aoife, Alice, Ada, Isla, Chloe E, Ella, Olivia M, Anna, Jessica K, Madeleine, Jaya, Aniya, Michael and Isabella N who were our reading challenge winners. They were presented with their prizes on Monday.

Enjoying our winners' afternoon tea