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Thursday 7th April 2022: Phoenix v Wolves


It was a very cold match this evening. Phoenix, aided by George and Ozzy as team mates were absent, started well with a swift goal in the first few minutes. Wolves matched them goal for goal for much of the game. There was some fabulous strategic play, and it was obvious how much the teams have progressed this year. The match was kept short due to the weather (we had had frequent downpours during the day), and as the snitch was caught by Seeker Jacob, the first drops fell once again. A tight match resulted in a 130 to 120 point win to Phoenix. Man of the match goes to Chaser Michael for a fantastic first half goal before he swapped out at half time.

Thursday 31st March 2022: Wolves v Phoenix


What a brilliant game! The teams were incredibly well matched, and whatever one team did, the other followed suit. Some exciting play resulted in spectacular goals, with eventual man of the Match Daisy H being all over the pitch! As the snitch was caught, and the whistle blew, the scores were added, to find that both teams had been on a tie before the snitch. Seeker Tommy, therefore made the difference, and Wolves took the match 170 to 140 points. Well done to both teams for great play and sportsmanship.

Wednesday 30th March 2022: Wolves v Eagles


What an absolutely fantastic match! From the very start, both teams were in it to win. Some skills and tactics discussions led to some brilliant pieces of play, and a very fluid match. All players were all over the pitch, passing and making moves. The first half saw Wolves pull ahead of the Eagles. In the second half, Eagles began to pull back, and with many players scoring brilliant goals, the match could have gone either way. In the end though, even Seeker Ozzy for Eagles catching the golden snitch, could not quite reach Wolves' score, and the game finished 180 to 160 to Wolves.

Thursday 17th March 2022: Phoenix v Wolves


The first half of the match saw probably the best quidditch teams have played all year! The game was fast, high scoring, and lots of good humour all round. During the second half, the teams both began to tire as they had played their hearts out. Well done to everyone. In the end, Wolves pulled away and took the game by 210 to 180. Man of the match was Jaya, chosen by her team mates for being into every piece of play. Well done, Jaya.

Thursday 10th March 2022: Eagles v Phoenix


This was a bit of a scrappy match from start to finish. Neither team played at their best, although several players worked hard to keep the match going. Wolves lent players to support both teams and thanks go to these players. In the second half the match became tense as it was touch and go who would take the win. As on-loan Seeker Ginny took the snitch for Eagles, Phoenix gained another goal. The counters added up the scores to find that Eagles had 100 points, and Phoenix... also 100! Our second draw of the year.

Thursday 10th March 2022: Wolves v Eagles


Several people acted up for others who could not stay tonight. Thank you to those playing out of their teams. Despite this, the teams played well in the first half with both teams scoring impressive goals. In the second half, with a couple more changes, Wolves began to pull ahead, and though Eagles fought hard, Wolves were able to hold on, and the Seeker Ginny caught the snitch leading to a 100 to 30 win for Wolves. Man of the Match goes to Beater Alex for tactics and keeping going to the very end.

Tuesday 8th March 2022: Wolves v Phoenix


The second match of the day saw Wolves victorious against Wolves. The teams were very evenly balanced and used tactics well to block each other from scoring several goals. As the snitch came on, Wolves led by 5 goals to 3. Despite Phoenix taking another successful shot, Seeker Ginny caught the snitch for Wolves, sealing a 80 to 40 victory. Man of the match goes to Chaser Bobby for being all over the pitch, and involved in many tackles and scores.

Tuesday 8th March 2022: Phoenix v Eagles


In a brilliant first half, both teams played very well, using strategy and skill. Man of the Match, Daisy H, showed excellent leadership in ensuring all her team were involved, whilst scoring some fantastic goals. Chaser Hubert, Seeker Tommy and Chaser Noah we’re all over the pitch blocking and passing to each other. The Woolley brothers and Beater George developed new tactics to scare off the opposition. In the second half Phoenix began to run away with the match, eventually taking the prize with 150 to 70 points, including the snitch. Well done, Phoenix. 

Thursday 3rd February 2022: Eagles v Wolves


Somewhat depleted, due to an outbreak of the pandemic, we took to a wintry playground for a match between Eagles and Wolves. The first half was well matched with both teams scoring some brilliant goals, and both keepers blocking others. Once we swapped ends, the Wolves began to make ground and with constant tactical play, were eventual run away winners, thanks to the snitch also going to their team. The final score was 130 points to 50, with Keeper Zac gaining man of the match for excellent strategy and trying to ensure everyone was included. Well done, Zac, and thank you.

Thursday 25th January: Wolves v Phoenix


What a wonderful match! Two very evenly matched teams played their hearts out. Strategy, teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship were to the fore today. Almost every player scored goals, or were instrumental in doing so. With 5 minutes to go, the scores were equal, but then Chaser Hubert scored, and again. Players whizzed around the field as the snitch came on. As the snitch was caught, and the whistle blown, the final goals and snitch catching points were added, and the we discovered that the match had been drawn. Many players excelled, but man of the match this week goes to Hubert for strategy, skill and good play.

Thursday 20th January: Eagles v Phoenix


A very evenly matched first half saw a tight score of 60 to 70 points. Chasers and Seekers were all over the field with some incredible strategic passing and saving. Man of the match Ginny scored some crafty goals under the nose of the opposition Keeper. In the second half, Eagles began to pull away, and were finally rewarded with a 200 to 90 winning score when seeker Ginny also caught the snitch. 

Thursday 13th January 2022: Wolves v Eagles


Thank you to Beater Hubert who stepped in to make up Wolves' numbers as a few were absent this week. A balanced first half saw Wolves with a narrow lead of 50 points to Eagles 40. During the second half, Wolves began to pull away with all chasers, as well as Keeper Zac, scoring goals. Keeper Trinity, for Eagles, well deserved her man of the Match for some brilliant saves, but is wasn't enough to stop the onslaught of Wolves. They did indeed bring the pack! Final score was 200 to 60 and saw Wolves go into first place in the league. Well done, Wolves and Eagles.

Thursday 16th December 2021: Wolves v Phoenix


What a brilliant match this was! There was such a lot of excellent play from so many players. Of note were Keepers Zac and Hubert, and Chasers Leo, Ni-La, Bobby and Jacob. A solid first half saw both teams scoring well with good team work and strategic play. In the second half, Phoenix began to pull ahead, and with Seeker Noah also taking the snitch, Phoenix were deserving winners with a 190 to 80 score. Well done to both teams for an excellent match. Man of the Match went to Chaser Leo for some very crafty goals.

Thursday 2nd December 2021: Eagles v Phoenix


The match was very involved with much good play from both sides. The final score was not a reflection of either team's superiority, as both teams made good passes and saves. The first half saw a very even battle between the teams, but in the second half Phoenix began to move ahead, and a late smattering of goals saw them take the match by 220 to 140 points. Well done, both teams.

Thursday 25th November 2021: Eagles v Wolves


In very cold conditions, Wolves and Eagles played all over the pitch, passing, catching and being bludgered. Goals were fewer this week as there was so much tactical play, but in the end, Wolves narrowly conquered by 90 to 80 points.

Thursday 18th November 2021: Wolves V Phoenix


Well done to Wolves who played magnificently and in a thrilling match, took a run away lead against Phoenix. Despite Seeker Tommy taking the snitch for Phoenix, the Wolves maintained their lead, and took the match by 170 points to 130.

Thursday 11th November 2021: Phoenix v Eagles


The first half saw the best quidditch we have seen this year. The match was close fought, with both teams scoring brilliant goals, whilst keepers and beaters played tactically. In the end, the match went to Phoenix with a final score of 130 to 120. Well done, everyone!

Thursday 4th November 2021: Wolves v Eagles


A very long match saw a mighty battle between Eagles and Wolves. Keeper Zac scored many of his teams' goals, with many of the opposition gaining points for their side. Changes at half time brought fresh legs to the matcg. Wolves initially drew ahead, but Eagles began to claw back. In the last few minutes, Seeker George caught the snitch gaining Eagles an extra 30 points and taking the match. Final score was Wolves 120 - Eagles 130.

Thursday 14th October 2021: Wolves v Phoenix


What a fantastic match! Tonight there was a brilliant show of skills, tactics and strength. Many goals were scored by many Chasers and Keepers, in particular Chaser Leo. The Snitch evaded capture for some time, despite being well chased by Seekers Ginny and Noah, but eventually Seeker Ginny caught the Snitch and ended the game taking Wolves' total to an unbeatable 190 points to 60. Very well played, everyone, and well done, Wolves.

Thursday 7th October 2021: Wolves v Eagles


A warm evening for October saw a very strong Eagles team put in a determined performance against Wolves. There were many good goals from both Daisy and Jessica R-L, and George J amongst others, but eventually, and even with Wolves claiming the Snitch, Eagles were run away victors t 160 to 80 points. Well done, Eagles! Tommy was man of the match for skill, sportsmanship and a great attitude.

Thursday 30th September 2021: Phoenix v Eagles


Our first match of the new year, and our first match for this year's new teams! Our new team members felt a little nervous, but were soon into the swing of the match. Some brilliant scoring (and some brilliant forgetting of some rules!) saw Phoenix begin to pull away from Eagles. Despite a long chase, and sudden grasp of the snitch from Seeker Tommy, Phoenix were just too far away to beat, and the match ended at 120 to 140 to Phoenix. Behaviour was excellent!

Monday 19th July: Phoenix v Eagles


Our final match of the year was played early in the morning as it was so hot! Before the owl man was ready to talk to us, we managed to finish the year. Phoenix scored first, and then it was neck and neck all the way through. With the score at 70 to 50 to Phoenix, the snitch came on and was swiftly captured by Seeker Zac, turning the tables to an 80 to 50 victory to the Eagles. Well done, Eagles!

Thursday 8th July: Eagles v Wolves and Wolves v Phoenix


On a very warm evening, 2 matches were held with both Eagles and Phoenix triumphing over Wolves. All teams were at least a man down, so players doubled up frequently! There were brilliant strategies and tactics, but the heat showed. Eventual scores were 200 to 180 for the Eagles, and 240 to 80 to Phoenix. Well done to everyone.

Tuesday 22nd June: Year 4 trials


A wonderful evening was held tonight. Y5 and 6 pupils changed sides to enable 2 teams - Red and Blue - to hold a showcase friendly for incoming Class 3 pupils. Following the match, the older pupils worked with the younger ones in groups to practise their skills, before the younger ones showed what they could do. Successful new team recruits were Tommy, Alex, Leo, Jaya, Ava, Ginny, Charlie, George, Harriet, Nicole, Trinity, Jacob and Archie. Teams will be finalised before the new school year. Well done, everyone.

Thursday 17th June: Phoenix v Eagles


Eagles took the crown again this week in a brilliant match. Both teams played very well, but also very fairly with some great passing and scoring. Well done to all players in both teams. Eagles eventually claimed a 170 to 220 victory.

Thursday 10th June: Wolves v Phoenix


What an incredibly close game. From the first goal scored, it was back and forwards with goal after goal being scored at either end. Some great passing, blocking, and scoring by many many players. Snitch George kept both Seekers guessing, but eventually Seeker Noah just beat Seeker Zac to gain the tag and finish the game. Just in time too, as Wolves were about to score again, which could have tipped the game. The eventual score was a 210 to 200 win for Phoenix. 

Tuesday 25th May: Wolves v Eagles


With a mighty wolf howl, the Wolves set their stall out from the first move! What a great match. Of note were the many skilled passes between Chaser Hubert and Seeker Zac which gave the Wolves the majority of their goals. Keepers Will and Tom saved many more as the match whizzed back and forth. All players played their parts well with Beaters using a good range of tactics to foil the opposition. In the end, Wolves held on, and won the snitch, to finish the match with a comfortable 220 to 150 victory. Well done, Wolves.

Thursday 20th May: Eagles v Phoenix


A cold and blustery match, which ended as a cold, wet and blustery match saw Eagles eventually steal the win from Phoenix. There were some great saves by both Keepers, and many goals by Chasers and Keepers on both sides, along with some great passes, and stolen ball. However, Eagles took the match after a long battle by also catching the snitch, and winning by 250 to 190 points. A very high scoring match!

Thursday 13th May: Wolves v Eagles


The match was long and hard won. Many good goals were scored by both sides, with some excellent defending and passing. Once the snitch was on, both Seekers were kept bust trying to catch him, only to be outdone again and again! In the end Seeker Zac gained the snitch, but meanwhile more goals had been scored leaving Eagles eventual winners. Well done to both teams, and friendly handshakes from all.

Wednesday 5th May: Wolves v Phoenix


What a tense and close match it was! Keeper Oliver and Chasers Ni-La, Daisy and Hubert scored the majority of the goals, with Keepers Flynn and Oliver blocking many more. The new hoops were well used! There was some excellent passing and some good strategies put into play. Beater Isla created a crafty ploy to stop the opposition. In the end Seeker Zac just managed to catch the snitch for the Wolves before Phoenix scored again giving them a 90 point to 70 win. Well done to both teams. 

Thursday 29th April 2021: Eagles v Phoenix


It was a cold afternoon for Quidditch, following a hailstorm earlier in the afternoon. It was also a close match with both teams scoring highly. Chasers Hubert and George J gained several points for their teams with Chaser Daisy also scoring well. Keepers William and Flynn made some great saves, but in the end Seeker Noah snatched the snitch and closed the game. Final score was 160 to 110 to the Eagles.

Thursday 22nd April: Wolves v Phoenix


Goodness, what a high scoring match this was! Keeper Oliver and Chaser Ni-La played fantastically for Wolves, scoring most of their goals between them. For Phoenix, many players scored, notably Seeker Hubert. The match was fast paced and frenetic, to the extent of losing the quaffle over the fence at one point. Well done teams. At the end it was Seeker Hubert who caught the snitch resulting in a 180 to 110 point win to Phoenix.

Thursday 1st April: Phoenix v Eagles, Eagles v Wolves


Two fast and tight games were played tonight. In the first match, which lasted a full 30 minutes, Phoenix eventually gained the snitch winning the game by a mere 10 points. A total of 38 goals were scored, with many others being saved on both sides. What a fabulous match. The game moved across the whole pitch (and sometimes off it too). All players played superbly. Well done, everyone.


In the second match an already tired Eagles team outplayed the Wolves. The goals were 16 to 10, but with Seeker William also gaining the Golden Snitch, his team won by 190 to 100. Again, goals were scored by many team members, with Keeper Finley scoring at least once by running unchallenged the length of the pitch. A great evening was had by everyone. One linesman complaining that there was nothing for him to do as everyone was playing fairly and safely. What a wonderful tribute to all players!

Wednesdsay 17th March: Wolves v Phoenix


Wolves played Phoenixes with a couple of needed substitutions due to illness. It was a fast moving, exciting match with great passing, goal scoring and saving. A notable caught save from the half way line was down to Keeper Flynn, with various players on both sides scoring. Both Seekers kept a close eye on the Snitch, but eventually Seeker Mignon took advantage of Seeker Aniya's brief look behind to run in and catch the Snitch. Wolves, therefore, beat Phoenix by 80 points to 30.

Thursday 11th March: Eagles v Wolves


On a very cold and blustery day, the Eagles took on the Wolves, with both teams a man down. A fast match ensued with both teams scoring several goals, and Keeper Finley (for the Eagles) saving the goal which would have levelled the teams on 40 points each. Once the Golden Snitch (this week played by Hubert) came on, it was not long before Seeker William narrowly beat Seeker Mignon in claiming the snitch and the 30 additional points. This gave Eagles a 70 to 30 point win. Well done, Eagles, and well played, Wolves.

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.