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Initial Teacher Training and Leadership Development



The school was a founder member of the National SCITT (Initial Teacher Training in Outstanding School) scheme based at Nottingham University. We have hosted trainee teachers at Morley for over 20 years.


Trainee teachers now come from our partner Teaching School Alliance under the School Direct scheme. We host up to three trainee teachers each year, who are based full time in class. This supports their development as outstanding teachers, brings the latest information and pedagogy into the school, and enables the children to work with a wider range of adults. We also support a range of other providers in hosting short term placements.

Leadership Development


Morley Primary is a placement school for candidates undertaking the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). To date we have hosted six potential Headteachers, at least 4 of whom have gone on to Headship with others currently applying.


Candidates spend time in school shadowing the Headteacher in order to develop a fuller understanding of the role. They also undertake an in-school leadership project which benefits the host school as well as themselves. Candidates have supported us in science, maths mastery, subject leadership and Early Years.

National Support School


Morley is a National Support School which means that we receive a government grant to support other schools in their development. This could be a member of staff working with the school to develop a particular aspect; staff from other schools visiting Morley to observe good practice; or joint working. National Support School status enables Miss Marsland to work as a National leader in Education to support other schools.

Open Schools


As an outstanding school, we take part in the Open Schools project where staff from other schools visit Morley to spend a day in our school observing good practice which can then be used to develop learning in their own school.


We are often visited by teachers from other schools throughout the year in this role.  This is as a result of the exceptional teaching delivered by our staff.  We are very fortunate to have such highly skilled teachers in our school. 

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.