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Are We Nearly There Yet?

9000 Day 30 9125 miles!!! Morley, Perth, Australia 9051 miles
7500   Keeling Islands (Australia) 7600 miles
7000 Day 22 7363.21 miles  
6500 Day 20 6673.21 miles  
6000 School holidays  
5500 School holidays Sri Lanka 5264 miles
5000 School holidays India (Chennai) 5148 miles
4500 School holidays India (Mumbai) 4522 miles
4000 School holidays  
3500 School holidays Dubai 3464 miles
3000 Day 11 3193.1 miles Iran 2788 miles
2500 Day 10 2916.9 miles Iraq 2612 miles
2000 Day 8 2210.26 miles Syria 2278 miles
1500 Day 7 1652.36 miles

Turkey 1832, Bulgaria 1331, Romania 1367 miles

1000 Day 5 1265.52 miles

Serbia 1127 miles, Hungary 968 miles

500 miles Day 4 892.55 miles

Austria 835 miles, Germany 609 miles

                Day 2    328 miles

Belgium 288 miles, Netherlands 270 miles

  Total miles so far Countries we have visited


No more daily postings about the Triathlon distance - we have our grand finale on Saturday with the Channel swim and after pool party, and I don't want to spoil the surprise. Will we have reached Australia????

Day 1 - Bury St Edmunds (England)

Day 2 - Saarbrucken (Germany)

Day 3 - Ingoldstadt (near the border between Germany and Austria)

Day 4 - Gussing (Austro-Hungarian border)

Day 5 - Vanju Mare in Romania

Day 6 and 7 (weekend) - Just off the coast of Istanbul in the Black Sea

Day 8 - Sanliurfa near the Turkey/Syria border

Day 9 - In the desert near to Tikrit, in Iraq

Day 10 - Ahraz, Iran

Day 11 - Shiraz, Iran

Days 12-19 school Spring Bank holidays

Day 20 - Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra

Day 21 - Indian Ocean opposite Jakarta

Day 22 - Indian Ocean opposite Christmas Island

Did we do it?                 WE CERTAINLY DID!

We reached Australia a day early, and with nearly 100 miles to spare. That was Friday. On Saturday we had set ourselves the task of swimming the Channel, 22 miles, in William Gregg pool. We not only swam the Channel, we swam it back, and an extra 7 miles for good measure! A huge thank you to all the children and parents who joined us to swim.


The triathlon has been an amazing adventure. We have enjoyed getting fitter, seeing how far we had come each day, and of course, raising money to enable us to continue doing the things that makes our school special. Thank you to everyone who has taken part, to all our visitors, well wishers and friends who have supported us, and especially to Mrs Rhodes for having the idea in the first place, and organising it all.


And - we raised the grand total of £2100! A fantastic result. Well done, everyone.

Key contributions so far:


Isla J cycled for 3 miles

Ciaran and Holly's parents did a 5.5 mile walk

Natalia and Hubert did a 5 mile cycle ride with their mum and dad

Hubert cycled for 70 miles!

Miss Greener did a 9 mile run

Aniya swam 10 lengths

Ted and Ciaran ran for 2.7k each

Lola and Ozzie's dad cycled for 12 miles, then came into school and cycled for another 3k

Henry ran 14k

Freya cycled for 55.48k and 28.25k

Lily cycled for over 21k twice

Lily's mum cycled for 25k

Molly cycled for 21.159k - very precise, Molls!

Kitija did 7k

Alfie H and William walked for 5k each

Bobby walked for 7k

Neve and Amelia cycled for 3.5k

Niyon covered 8.5 miles

George J cycled and ran for 25 miles!

Aoife did a 10k walk with her dad

Mrs Taylor cycled for 9.25 miles

William's big brother, George, swam for 8k and his family ran for 15k

Mrs Rhodes walked for 16k

Mrs Richards covered 22k and 41.5 miles over the holidays

Mr Taylor ran every morning during the holidays

Finley S swam for 55 lengths!

Flynn's dad and sister ran for 20 miles each

George W covered 34k

Harriet F ran for 54.55k

Finley C and Michael cycled for 10.5k each

Ozzie cycled for 18 miles

Jaya ran for 6k

Ada ran for 10 miles

Ella's next door neighbours cycled for 60k

Izzie swam for 32 lengths (half a mile)

Miss Marsland swam 1k every morning (22 miles in total)

Ted and Hattie's granny ran 6 miles, then ran another 7.5 miles with Ted and his mum

Mrs Fenlon walked for 10 miles with Elle

Ben and Jack cycled for 77k between them

Ember did 26 miles

Hattie did 30k

George H covered 24k

Dominic and Matty covered 25k, and Dom did a further 175k over the holidays

Lucas ran 65k during the holidays

Madeleine ran for over 3k

Kiera and family ran for 75 miles between them



Lots more of you have run, cycled and swum other distances.  A great start.  Keep at it - every bit counts!

We have two places available in current Year 2, or for Year 3 in September.